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Celestial Dreams DnD Dice Set

Celestial Dreams DnD Dice Set

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Introducing the mesmerizing Celestial Dreams Dice Set, a sharp-edged blue dice collection that will elevate your gaming experience to celestial heights. This enchanting set features a stunning blue hue adorned with sparkly blue foil, gold and white stars, and elegant gold crescent moons, capturing the magic of the night sky.

The set includes the standard 7 pieces essential for any Dungeons & Dragons game: a D20, D12, D10, D%, D8, D6, and a traditional D4. Additionally, it comes with a special crystal-shaped D4, adding a unique touch to your dice collection.

Let the Celestial Dreams Dice Set guide your adventures with its captivating beauty and stellar craftsmanship. Embark on your next quest with these dazzling dice, and watch as they bring a touch of the cosmos to your tabletop gaming.

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