Custom Dice Orders

We do not take custom orders, sorry!


Q: Do you ship internationally?  A: Absolutely! 

Q: When will my order ship?          A: 1-3 business days from order (Monday-Friday are our business days).

Q: I paid for priority express shipping and didn't get it in time, can I get a refund? 

A: You can, but you need to contact us within 20 days of the ship date so we can file for a return from USPS. Once it's past 25 days we won't have enough time to file with them, and past 30 they don't offer it.

Returns and Exchanges

Q: I received a set of dice and I don't like them, can I exchange it?    A: Yes! You will need to pay for the shipping both to return it and for the new set to get to you.

Q: I received a die with a flaw, can I replace it?
A: Absolutely! Please send an email with a picture of the flaw and let us know which die to send you. 

Social Media and News


Q: Where are you located? Do you have a place I can come visit and buy dice?

A: We are located in Portland, OR and we work from home! We do not have a storefront or a way for you to pick up dice, so ordering here is best!

Wholesale Accounts

We offer wholesale dice orders to brick and mortar stores within the US as well as any store located internationally. Please contact us to set up your wholesale account at wholesale@fennekandfinch.com


We use 100% recycled kraft paper mailers, which is making a huge difference everyday to the amount of single use plastic we are using and putting into the environment.

Our business cards, packing tape, and paper content is printed on recycled paper.

We recycle all our plastic film.

All of these things together are making a huge difference on how we are impacting the environment.

About Us

The instant I saw my first set of rainbow dice my brain nearly exploded. Then I found out I could make my own dice. This was back in 2018. I ordered molds and UV resin and started harvesting flowers from my little planter garden outside my apartment. The first few dice sets I made contained dried roses, poppy pods, peacock feathers, and moss. My imagination of what could be next went wild and I was hooked. I opened up my dice shop soon after and started retailing as well as hand making dice sets. Once I had enough funds saved I had my very first dice designs manufactured. I’ve been trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible since. 


Fennek and Finch now features over 600 different dice sets, and is coming up on its fourth year anniversary. As a one person owned and operated shop it has been a challenge to get everything done! But it is amazing to see how far it has come in such a short time. 


I used to want to stock every set of dice that was ever made and have the biggest selection possible. Now I am shifting my focus to my own designs and only a few choice sets designed by others that I want to add to the collection. I’ve never had a lack of inspiration or ideas, but finding the funds to be able to fulfill those dreams as well as the space to house so many dice sets has been a real challenge. I am currently operating out of my home, but have a big dream of opening a storefront one day. 


Fennek and Finch would not exist if it weren’t for the amazing TTRPG community and all the support it has given. Thank you so much for loving my little shop and allowing me to make beautiful things! I could not do this without you. 


To many more years of creation, yours truly