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Fennek & Finch

Moss and Butterflies - 7 Piece Sharp Edge Dice Set

Moss and Butterflies - 7 Piece Sharp Edge Dice Set

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Moss and Butterflies 7 piece TTRPG dice set. This dice set is beautifully crafted and features dried moss with stained glass hidden butterflies, magically flitting around the top of the moss. The butterflies can be hard to see due to their arcane stained glass nature, but their true admirers patiently wait to get a glimpse of their beauty.

These are beautifully handmade sharp edge resin dice. This is an original Fennek and Finch design, created with factory assistance to make them more accessible for you <3

The essential 7 piece dice set for Dungeons and Dragons and other D20 tabletop games. Also great for Magic the Gathering!

These make great gifts when paired with a dice bag or box, find them at

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