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Fennek and Finch

Grape Dice Set. 8 Piece Fruit Slice Bright DnD Dice Set

Grape Dice Set. 8 Piece Fruit Slice Bright DnD Dice Set

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Introducing the charming "Strawberry" Dice Set, a delightful and vibrant addition to your tabletop gaming collection. Each die features bright fruit slices encased in a matching clear layer of color, enhanced with glitter for a sparkling effect.

This 8-piece polyhedral dice set includes an extra D6, showcasing our custom cat wizard on a crescent moon for the 6 side, a star on the 1, and whimsical paw counters on all other sides. The D20 is adorned with a heart-shaped paw print on the 20 side, adding a touch of magic to your rolls.

Exclusively designed by Therin for Fennek & Finch and inspired by our unknown galaxy, the "Strawberry" Dice Set is perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and other fantastic TTRPGs.

Enhance your gaming experience or gift this unique set to a fellow gamer. Pair it with one of our stylish dice bags or boxes, available at, to complete the perfect gaming accessory ensemble. 

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