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Fennek and Finch

Amanita Mushrooms and Moss - 8 Piece Dice Set

Amanita Mushrooms and Moss - 8 Piece Dice Set

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Plant themed DnD dice set with real dried moss and resin amanita mushrooms set in clear resin.

7 Piece standard DnD dice set has all sides numbered with our custom font.

8 Piece dice set has an extra D6, featuring our custom cat wizard on a crescent for the 6 side, a star for the 1, and cat paw counters on all the other sides. There is a cat paw for the 20 on the D20!

This set is a Fennek & Finch original design. These are essential dice for Dungeons and Dragons and other D20 tabletop games. Also great for Magic the Gathering!

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