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Fennek and Finch

Summer Limes Dice Set. Glitter TTRPG Dice

Summer Limes Dice Set. Glitter TTRPG Dice

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Introducing the refreshing "Summer Limes" Dice Set, a must-have for your tabletop role-playing games. This set features a striking green color with crisp white font, perfect for adding a touch of zest to your game.

Crafted from acrylic, each die showcases a unique mix of clear and opaque swirls. Please note that the swirl patterns are entirely random, making each set one-of-a-kind. Due to this randomness, sets cannot be returned or exchanged based on the arrangement of swirls.

This 7-piece, 16mm polyhedral dice set is ideal for games like Dungeons and Dragons and includes one of each: D20, D12, D10, D%, D8, D6, and D4.

Tags: DnD Dice, Dice Sets, TTRPG Accessories.

Bring a splash of summer to your game with the "Summer Limes" Dice Set, and explore more unique dice sets at

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