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Cherry Blossom Dice Set. 7 and 11 pcs. TTRPG Dice

Cherry Blossom Dice Set. 7 and 11 pcs. TTRPG Dice

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Welcome to the enchanting realm of our Cherry Blossom Dice Set! Delicately crafted, each die in this set exudes the soft elegance of springtime blooms. Adorned with a light pink hue, pearly wispy clouds, silver foil, and cherry blossom flower glitter, these dice are a sight to behold.

The centerpiece of the set is the D20, featuring a stunning 5-petal flower design, evoking the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom. With holographic flower glitter accentuating each roll, your gaming experience transcends into a realm of sheer beauty.

Available in 7 and 11-piece configurations, every set includes a D20 featuring the iconic cherry blossom on the 20 side. The standard 7-piece set is perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, while the 11-piece set includes 3 extra D6 and an additional D20 for expanded gameplay possibilities.

Elevate your tabletop adventures with the Cherry Blossom Dice Set and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of spring's fleeting magic.

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