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Fennek and Finch

Tavern Quest Dice Set

Tavern Quest Dice Set

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Tavern Quest Dice Set.

You walk inside the tavern, the promise of gold and adventure all around. That shady figure in the corner, a rumor overheard in the tumult of slurred voices and raucous laughter, that merchant playing Three Dragon Ante, his face red and tongue loose. Adventurers of every description are familiar with a Tavern Quest.

This 7pc DnD dice set features a jug of strong drink marked XXX, sitting among gold coins on a darkly stained tavern table and featuring our custom font. These are a simply fantastic addition to your collection and would make a great gift for a fellow adventurer.

The jugs are made of resin and will not change the way the dice roll.

This set is a Fennek and Finch original designed by Blake.

These are made for Dungeons and Dragons and other excellent TTRPGs as well as Magic The Gathering.

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