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Fennek and Finch

Dreamy Purple Opalite Dice Set.

Dreamy Purple Opalite Dice Set.

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Introducing our latest addition to the collection - a stunning new dice set design featuring intricate swirling clouds, a crescent moon, and stars, all contained within a geometric border. These beautiful purple opalite dice are adorned with gold engravings that add a touch of elegance and magic to each die.

We understand that finding the perfect dice set can be a thrilling experience for dice collectors and DnD players alike. That's why we spent a long time designing and refining this set, ensuring that each die face has a unique arrangement of clouds and stars, with the crescent moon being on the high number. We believe that small artifacts of beauty can bring great joy to your gaming experience, and we hope that this set will become a cherished part of your gaming accessories.

Please note that each die face has a unique design, making each die truly one-of-a-kind. The set includes 7 polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, d20) and comes in a padded tin box. These are strong and will not break during rolling, though if they fall off the table, depending on circumstances, such as height and floor material, they may be in trouble. A rolling tray to keep them on the table is a MUST.

Thank you for choosing to support our small business and for allowing us to share our passion with you.


  • Material: Purple opalite
  • Design: Swirling clouds, crescent moon, and stars within a geometric border
  • Engraving: Gold


  • d4: 20mm
  • d6: 16mm
  • d8: 16mm
  • d10: 20mm
  • d00: 20mm
  • d12: 18mm
  • d20: 20mm


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