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Fennek and Finch

Forest Swamp Dice Set. 7 and 11 pcs. TTRPG Dice

Forest Swamp Dice Set. 7 and 11 pcs. TTRPG Dice

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Enter the realm of darkness and nature's embrace with our Forest Swamp Dice Set, inspired by the legendary Golgari deck combo from Magic the Gathering. This captivating collection features a mesmerizing blend of black and pearly green hues, reminiscent of the shadows lurking within the depths of an ancient forest. Each die is adorned with glitter, reflecting the mysterious allure of the Golgari guild.

As you roll the dice, immerse yourself in the primal energy of the forest, where life and decay intertwine to create a harmonious balance. Channel the power of nature's darkness and embrace the cycle of life and death with every roll of the Forest Swamp Dice Set.

Available in both 7 and 11-piece configurations, each set includes a variety of dice suited for all your gaming needs. Let the Forest Swamp Dice Set be your guide through the depths of the Golgari underworld, where darkness reigns supreme and nature's power knows no bounds.

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