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Clouds Sharp Edge DnD Dice Set

Clouds Sharp Edge DnD Dice Set

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Elevate your tabletop adventures with the ethereal "Clouds" Dice Set. This sharp-edged resin set features gentle tints of blue and purple, perfectly capturing the serene beauty of the sky. Inside each die, you'll find fluffy white cloud inclusions, creating a mesmerizing effect that brings a touch of the heavens to your gaming table.

Ideal for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop role-playing games, the "Clouds" Dice Set combines aesthetic charm with precision craftsmanship. Each roll will transport you to a tranquil, dreamlike world, enhancing the magic of your adventures.

Add the "Clouds" Dice Set to your collection and let the serenity of the skies guide your journey.

These come in a cardboard jewelry box padded with cotton.

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