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Garden Gate Glass and Gemstone Dice Release and Adventure

Garden Gate Dice Release and Lore

Your adventures have brought you into the mystical little shop of Fennek & Finch trading company, with its cozy atmosphere and enchanted ceiling. Its two proprietors are Tabaxi brothers, one tall and calm with luxurious creamy orange fur, the other shorter in stature with a shorter brown coat, animated and enthusiastic. The air is warm and spiced with a captivating incense. Artifacts of every description crowd the shelves and cabinets, from intricate trinkets and aged figurines to potion bottles and exotic plants. The tingle of magic is all around, but something draws your attention to a heavy, tarnished iron key covered in an intricate design of fanciful loops and whirls.

“Oh yes, you have quite the discerning eye!” Finch appears by your side, whiskers quivering with excitement. “It took us ages to track it down. You see, just outside of a town not far from here, are the ruins of an ancient elven estate, almost completely lost to time. Little remains except the Garden, a central courtyard thickly overgrown with brambles and wildflowers, its walls rising tall among the sprawling acreage of once-fine stonework and age-softened statues. There is an impressive gate to the interior, ornately wrought and gilded in the same patterns as on that Key you just picked up. It has been stuck closed for as long as anyone can remember…”


A handful of gold coins and a few days’ travel later, you come within sight of the Garden walls, its gilded iron gates rising before you, nearly twice your height. Quickly pulling away vines and dirt, you’re able to wiggle the key in until you hear a satisfying click. It creaks and resists, but you turn the key, and the gate begins to resonate with a low and steady hum, like blowing on the lip of a large glass bottle. In the fading evening light, the gilding becomes perceptibly luminous, and hinges that haven’t swung in ages slowly begin to creak open. A misty breeze blows outward from the opening gate, thick with the enchanting perfumes of strange wildflowers, carrying the haunting trills of songbirds you’ve never heard before. The scene beyond looks nothing like the ruined courtyard that you know…



The Garden Gate design was created for you with great attention to detail of how shape and line can come together to evoke a sense of magical invitation. The flowers and swirls mimic the enchanting designs we find in nature and our connection to it in our own imaginings and creations of art. To bring you even further into that magic, these designs are etched into stone and glass, beautifully smooth and cool to the touch, a grounding connection to the depths of earth. 


The Garden Gate dice sets come in Amethyst, Volcanic Obsidian, Cats Eye, Opalite, Jasper, Green Glass, Black Crackled Glass, White Howlite, Blue Sandstone and Rose Quartz. You can check them out here:




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