Happy 1 Year Anniversary CozyGamer!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary CozyGamer!

The Story of CozyGamer thus far: A year around the sun #1

Wow, what a year it has been. A year and a half ago, watching Critical Role, I thought “This is my community, these are my people, how do I connect with them?! How do I offer something to the community with my skill sets?”

The moment I realized I could hand make dice, I bought some beginner tools. A mold from Etsy (great place to start), some UV resin (do not recommend), a nail file (don’t use a nail file), and started putting plants, feathers, snake skin, and glitter in dice. I couldn’t get over, and still can’t, how creative this medium is for me. It sparks a passion in me that gives me insomnia, often!

Once I saved enough to start investing in having some of my designs made in bulk, I was doing it, wow what an intense shift and difficult thing to do. This year has been a slow progression of realizing my creative visions, running out of room in my office and basement (mind you, I do have roommates who get to witness and be patient with this), and using all sales to fund more projects. I can’t wait to show you what’s coming next! Seriously, two, three? Months from now, get ready!

I do all of this for us, for the connection, for our community. Without your kindness and support CozyGamer just wouldn’t be what it is. I wanted to share with you a bit of myself, a reflection on the year and how much has changed so quickly, as well as a glimpse into the new year where everything seems possible, and life is full of wonder.

My deepest gratitude,

In celebration 🎉 we are hosting a giveaway on Instagram, follow @cozygamershop for details and a chance to enter by 1/5/20

Handmade sharp edge resin D20. Hand made dice

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