Cozy Gamer Dice Boxes

Cozy Gamer Dice Boxes

Cozy Gamer is excited to announce that we have some really beautiful dice boxes for you! These match really well with our 7 piece polyhedral dice sets to create a fun game enhancing item to your TTRPG campaigns.

Each box is lovingly hand painted by Therin, our party wizard, and each style can hold two or more sets of dice. Check each dice box listing for details on how much each one can hold.

Blue and Black Dice Box for TTRPG Dice Set

Whispers Dice Box: Blue, purple, and black metallic hand painted dice box. This one can hold four sets of dice, and is our largest so far :)


Will we be taking custom order requests you ask? Why yes! Of course. We would love to do custom colors to match a matching box for your character and dice sets.

Cozy Gamer Black Purple and White Dice Box for TTRPG Dice Set

Check out our listings for more! Or contact us at to ask any questions you may have!

Cozy Gamer Dice Box for TTRPG Dice Set, Hand painted


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